Dramatics Competition – 2018

The inter -house dramatics competition was held for the secondary section on the 26th of september on –” THE LIFE OF MOTHER VERONICA.”

Participating in activities like music , drama etc, helps in achieving an overall functioning of education which enables the students to express themselves freely.It inculcates the values to respect the views and feelings of others.

Keeping this in mind , a play was presented on the life of Mother Veronica. Florence Nightingale once said,”Never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning however small , for it is wonderful how often in such matters ,the mustard seed germinates and roots itself”. This has been the story of the Congregation of the Carmelite Religious Meteoric rise.

History often begins in the hearts of men and women. A vision of life takes roots, blooms and spills forth in an enterprise that changes lives forever.

Flinging itself across time and space , such a vision found Mother Veronica bobbing in a boat enroute to India and across to Bayone, France. In a series of twist and turnĀ  , it emerged once more on the shores of India. Over time , many more footprints have added to the legacy. Let us brush away the cobwebs of time and dip in savouring insights of a wonderful Chrysalis -From SOPHIE LEEVES -to SISTER VERONICA and finally FOUNDRESS MOTHER VERONICA.


Winners -1st… YELLOW HOUSE




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