Maharashtra Day (1 May 2024)

St.Louis campus was abuzz with students and all the employees on 1st May 2024 as the school celebrated Maharashtra Day with a lot of enthusiasm. The chief guest Sr. Sujata unfurled the national flag followed by a salute to the Indian tricolor and the powerful rendition of the National anthem. The prayer service was followed by a poignant speech in Marathi delivered by Ms. Juili Kesarkar wherein she recalled the sacrifices of great leaders for the formation of the united state of Maharashtra.

This day is also celebrated as Labours Day. The objective of this celebration was to acknowledge the contribution of all the support staff, which is instrumental in the development and growth of the institution.The support staff was felicitated by the school management. Needless to say, all the support staff was extremely happy and felt valued as their hard work and sincerity was acknowledged.

The cultural programme put up by the students of the secondary section included patriotic song and dance which changed the atmosphere with patriotic spirit. The awards for the best registers were also declared for all the 3 sections.