Sesquicentennial Fest – 2018

We take pride in celebrating 150 Glorious Years of the C.C.R.

A competition makes one strive to do better. It trains to seek out challenges and to endure setbacks. It gives an opportunity to share ideas and views through various competitions , which help in the all round development of the students and this is the prime aim of today’s education.

The Louisian Cultural Fest was held on the 12th of October  on the occasion of the Sesquicentennial celebrations of the C.C.R. which was indeed a grand success.

The Fest began with an Inaugration  Ceremony. There was a beautiful Prayer Dance put up by our students. The audience were told about the history of the C.C.R .and their Foundress Mother Veronica .The judges were then introduced and felicitated

Ten various competitions were well planned for students right from std I to std X who were invited from various schools. The competitions were held simultaneously on the same day. Many students from different schools participated . The eagerly awaited results were declared in the closing ceremony . St. Mary’s High School stood first and St.Joseph’s high School stood second.

The well organised Cultural fest ended with a vote of thanks and the singing of the National Anthem.

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