A rally was conducted at St. Louis Convent High school on 8th September 2023. The main aim was to aware and educate the students and the public about the importance of literacy. The students took active initiative  to promote the message of 100% literate nation through display of placards, slogans etc.


St.Louis school consistently prioritizes the safety of its students by educating them about right and wrong. The school organised a small interaction wherin the police educated the students about the good touch , bad touch and safety on 8th September.


On the 8th of September, the Louisian Family celebrated the Birthday of Mother Mary. The statue of Mother Mary was taken around the whole school , and the Rosary was recited over the intercom , by the Sisters, teachers and students. The Mariette’s i.e the blue house also celebrated the Girl Child Day. The teachers and students of the Blue …

Teacher’s Day Celebration (5 September 2023)

TEACHERS ARE THE ART OF LIFE…..Teacher’s Day celebration was joyously held in the school auditorium on 5 September 2023. The event commenced with a prayer dance performed by the primary students, invoking the divine presence. The Louisian staff felicitated the sisters for their dedicated service to the school. The melodious voices of the secondary students resonated as they presented a …

Career Guidance Programme(31 August 2023)

A career guidance programme was organised for the students of class 10 to make them aware about the latest opportunities available in the field of science and technology. A team from Allen Career Institute not only informed students about various entrance exams but also cleared their doubts regarding different academic routes, career planning and helped them with educational and occupational …

Flower Making Competition (31 August 2023)

Whether its paper, fabric or real flowers, crafting beautiful blooms can be a creative and enjoyable activity. Art and craft help children develop many life skills. Keeping this in mind , Flower Making Competition was held in our school wherein children crafted their own beautiful paper flowers. Topic for class 1and 2 – Flowers out of clay Topic for class …

Puppet Making Competition  (24 August 2023)

To encourage imagination and creativity amongst the students , a Puppet Making Competition was held on 24 August. The students overwhelmingly participated in the competition and came up with various kinds of puppets like finger puppets, socks puppets, hand puppets etc.

Marathi Elocution Competition (23 August 2023)

Inter-House Marathi Elocution Competition was held for the students of std 5 to 10 with an aim to encourage the skills and talents related to the art of public speaking. This competiton was judged by Dr. Suman Kubde and Mrs. Leena Puranik.

Mono Acting Competition (23 August 2023)

An interschool Mono Acting Competition was organized by M.P. Shah English High School. Umaimah Shaikh participated in this competition and enacted Savitri bai Phule. Many schools participated in this competition.

English Elocution Competition (21 August 2023)

The Inter-House English Elocution Competition was conducted for the students of class 5 to 10 in an attempt to help students develop their self expression and english speaking skills. The participants exhibited extraordinary confidence, voice modulation and intonation winning accolades from the judges Mrs. Gloria Pimenta and Mrs. Roselyn Khan.