Republic Day -2023

India celebrated it’s 74th Republic Day on 26th of January, 2023.The students of the Primary section put up great performances to herald the nations 74th Republic Day.To honour the occasion, a dignified ceremony was held in school. the programme started with the sound of drums and the student council parade. The Primary school students escorted the Chief guest with a lezim dance and then miss Paree Gupta recited the Preamble.

The flag was then unfurled by the chief guest , Sr. Reena .This was followed by the salute ceremony in the presence of the staff and the students. The theme “DO GOOD , SEEK JUSTICE”, aptly emphasized the importance of justice stated in our Constitution.

A prayer service was conducted by the students which was then followed by the felicitation of the chief guest. Dances, speeches and a soulful rendition of patriotic songs stirred up the patriotic fervor in the audience.

The programme concluded by the chief guest ,Sr. Reena’s address to the students, that they must find inner courage to tread the path of righteousness and work tirelessly towards the betterment of our nation , which was then followed by the vote of thanks.