SSC Farewell- 2023

We are all on a journey in life, filled with emotions, challenges and events that test courage, character and commitment.

The Louisian family bid farewell for the SSC students on the 10th of February , 2023.It was a day to recollect the learnings, blessings and pleasant memories which they experienced during their years of schooling. Great excitement could be seen as all the students were dressed up to their best, draped in gorgeous sarees and other indian outfits for the occasion.

The programme began with a Prayer Dance and a meaningful Prayer Service by the students of Std 9, under the guidance of their class teachers. The Std 9 students gave amazing performances like singing and dancing. The Head Girl ,Miss Rafaela Aslem expressed gratitude towards the teachers and the Alma Mater. The Principal encouraged the students to build their personality, to put their best foot forward and let the spark within each one shine brightly. She advised them to prepare well for their upcoming S.S.C. Board Exams and that nothing could stop them from being successful .The delectable snacks and enthusiastic participation for the spot prizes kept the students elated. At the end of the programme the students were given a memento by the management as a memory which they could cherish forever. The programme ended with the Vote of Thanks by Mrs. Cinderella Dias.

It was indeed a memorable day for the SSC students as they bid farewell to their Alma Mater.