Teacher’s Day Celebration (5 September 2023)

TEACHERS ARE THE ART OF LIFE…..Teacher’s Day celebration was joyously held in the school auditorium on 5 September 2023. The event commenced with a prayer dance performed by the primary students, invoking the divine presence. The Louisian staff felicitated the sisters for their dedicated service to the school.

The melodious voices of the secondary students resonated as they presented a welcome song. The primary Louisians filled the atmosphere with joy and cheerfulness through their delightful dance. Through a skit, the secondary students highlighted the crucial role played by a teacher in the students life. It was followed by an energetic dance performance by the secondary students. Through her speech secondary head girl Ms. Samaira Hisdustani stressed on the fact that however much artificial intelligence forays into the field of education, it cannot replace the warmth, gentleness and sincerity of a teacher.

The PTA members then took over the entertainment programme and through their dance and speeches thrilled the teachers. Fun and laughter echoed in the auditorium as the PTA members conducted fun-filled games for the teachers.

The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by the supervisor Mrs. Ranjana Martin. The management presented each teacher with a lovely gift and were also treated to lunch.